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  • Discipleship Class

    John 8:31 … If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed.

    In order to survive today new believers need to be taught to know and apply the Word of God, or they will be deceived and drawn away from the faith. Bible reading and exposition are all necessary for the child of God to breathe spiritually and grow spiritually. It is their foundation and their compass.

    If new believers are to live by faith, it will take a conscious effort on the part of the spiritually responsible to show them how to live by faith rather than by their senses.

    Discipleship is the care and keep of the “Born Again” spiritual babies. New church members need someone—not something—to help them because babies do not have any idea how to take advantage of anything given to them.

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  • Kids Church

    We make Kid’s church FUN! We never water down the Word, we just cut it into kid-sized pieces! We teach a little bit of truth in a lot of different ways through the puppets, songs, object lessons, skits, and story telling. We focus on one scripture truth per service and avoid the buffet. We bless the kids and God blesses us in return. We come down to the kids’ level. Jesus didn’t raise us up to His level, He came down to ours. We believe children aren’t just the future—they’re the NOW! We work closely with parents. After all, three of the four children Jesus healed in the Bible were restored because of their parents’ faith.

    It’s a team effort! We believe in consistent leadership and prepared teachers. We create a safe and loving environment in the Faith Mountain sanctuary. We love your children, and we’re dedicated to serving them with all we have. We’re blessed by your children, and we thank you for letting them minister to us in return. Please join us for kid’s church Sunday morning at 10:00 AM!

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  • Youth 4 Truth

    The youth of today are looking for a place to fit in. With the pressure of so much media aimed at our youth, we see that they are bombarded daily with a constant reminder of how they are supposed to act and look. They are tossed around and portrayed as if there is no purpose for their life. The youth of Faith Mountain are on fire! They are excited about God and what He has done for them. They continually invite friends and family and are instrumental in the church “Outreach”. These youth want everyone to know why they are excited about living for God bringing this excitement and energy toward every area of ministry. Faith Mountain Church believes in the youth so much so that they are used in every possible way. They are given the opportunity to be praise singers, to play musical instruments, and to be puppeteers and in skits on Sunday Morning "Kids church". Where ever there is a need the youth are utilized!

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  • Donate Your Car

    Car donations are another way to support the ministry of Faith Mountain. When you donate a car to Faith Mountain Church, you will help us reach out to families within our community. The car donation process is quick and easy. It can be accomplished online or via email: If you donate an automobile or other vehicle, you may be eligible for a tax deduction.

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  • Holy Ghost Radio is an evangelistic ministry of Faith Mountain. This internet radio ministry is impacting the world in an unprecedented fashion. The vision for this site is a place where all people from all walks of life can come and get answers to questions concerning salvation through doctrine, preaching and music. es un ministerio evangelistic de la montaña de la fe. El este ministerio de la radio del Internet está afectando el mundo en una manera sin precedente. La visión para este sitio es un lugar en donde toda la gente de todas las caminatas de la vida puede venir conseguir respuestas a las preguntas referentes a la salvación con doctrina, la predicación y la música.


Faith Mountain Pentecostal Church
San Diego's East County Revival Center
12443 Woodside Avenue
Lakeside, CA 92040

Directions to Faith Mountain

Service Times

Kids Church Morning: 10:00 am
Worship and Word Morning: 11:00 am
Sunday Evening: 6:30 pm

Mid-week (Tuesday)
Bible Study: 7:30 pm

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